10G-platform for carrier

The 10 G-platform by Microsens serves the purpose of long-range transmission of up to 32 performing services, as 10 Cable Sharing (Gigabit Ethernet), 10 Gigabit Fibre Channel respectively the telecommunication services STM-64. Using amplifiers enables an expansion of up to 700km.

For the implementation we provide a variety of multiplexers, transponders und optical amplifiers. Integral part of the 10 G-platform a broad range of TDM-modules. These provide a bundling of current services in the range of:
  • Data transmission (Fast Ethernet, Cable Sharing (Gigabit Ethernet))
  • Telecommunication (STM-1/4/16 respectively ATM OC-3/12/48)
  • Storage (Escon, Fibre Channel, Double rate Fibre Channel)
To 10Gigabit-signal

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