Multi tube cable

Multi tube cable insists up to 24 emtpy tubes with a diameter of 5mm and can be connected within the system to continuous tracks.

Advantages of multi tube cable systems:
  • high flexibility in the realization of optical connections
  • opportunity of low cost, retrospective making of diversion by simple opening of the exisiting tube tracks and establishment of new tube connections under use of blank tubes
  • empty pipes for low cost retrofitting
  • anytime possibility of the exchange from fibre unit (other fibre type, more fibres)
  • elimination of floor- and sub distributors due to the laylength up to 1.500m and avoidance of additional patching
  • elimination of large fibre reserves in the backbone area by the way of the simple retorfitting (only at the moment needed tracks have to be postponed and put in operation)
  • reduction of the service effort through centralization of fibre ends and patency of the fibre track to the terminal
  • application of different fibre types between two locations due to the use of two tubes
  • decision of the fibre types only when blowing the fibre unit

Multi tube cables are in different versions for in- or outdoor applications available:

  Type Description Data Sheet
BlownFibre cable DI for outdoor installation in protection tube
BlownFibre cable DB for direct burial
BlownFibre cable LFH for indoor application