Cat.6A connectivity technology LSA+

This usual connection technology is still used in many projects. The data connection socket AMJ45 from Telegärtner unites many characteristics in one shape. The cable can be imported in 8 different ways. Furthermore is the socket compatible with covers of all known switch-range manufacturer.

More characteristics are dust protection caps, direct pluggable ground connectoin, non-loseable caption and a full-shielded metal housing.

  • 1x / 2x connection socket RJ45
  • 45° angled outlet of the RJ45 socket
  • for trunking, floorbox, concealed and exposed  mounting (incl. AP set)
  • Cable feed from all directions in 8x45° steps possible
  • Shield contact and cable stain relief over 2 seperated non-losable screws, central plate 50x50mm, color pearl white or alpin white or optional without central plate.
  • compatible with covers of all known switch-range manufacturer
  • also as AMJ45-floorbox socket availble.