Fibreoptic junction box

The benefits of a fibre optical network can only be used when a cable is post poned to the desk (Fibre to the desk). Network cabling with fibre optic requires solvable and robust connectors between the cable and the patchcords.

The optical connectors need to be mounted save and secure in a wall outlet or in a floor box. Connections should be simple to plug and unplug and the minimum bending radius have to be respected.

There are also many types of junction boxes available:

  • OAD/K  - specially for cable ducts
  • OAD/S - for breakout cables
  • OAD - with splice stacker
  • OAD/B - for floor box installation

For this junction box are following clutch plates with usual cutouts available:

  • ST Duplex
  • SC Duplex
  • LC Duplex
  • E2000 Duplex
  • MT-RJ